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EdgeEnergy Hosts "Energize Cincy" with BRITE Energy Innovators

Last week EdgeEnergy along with BRITE Energy Innovators hosted members of the investment and start-up ecosystem in Cincinnati at our corporate offices. Visitors were taken on tours of our R&D and testing lab where they experienced demonstrations of our patent pending phase conversion technology.

The event also included a panel discussion with Ben Morris, who leads our business development and government affairs, as well as Irina Filipova, COO of Electrada and Andrew Ritch from Donovan Energy who shared their experiences founding and growing emerging clean energy start-ups in the Cincinnati region. "There is so much we can learn from each other", said Ben, "working collaboratively and sharing our experiences as we work to grow our businesses is an invaluable part of success. We are strengthened by interactions like these".

Innovative energy solutions like EdgeEnergy's phase conversion technology play an important role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and empowering communities to drive a clean energy future. When used with DC Fast Charging stations our technology eliminates the need for costly and time consuming three-phase power upgrades and delivers continuous power to charging stations, without a battery.

"We are honored to host these stakeholders from around our region", said Greg York, President of EdgeEnergy, "EdgeEnergy is excited to be a leader in energy innovation in the Cincinnati and across the U.S.".

About EdgeEnergy: Founded in 2020, EdgeEnergy designs and manufactures proprietary phase conversion hardware that allows for the installation of a wide variety of electrical equipment on single-phase power infrastructure. This equipment addresses the distributed needs of the Agriculture, Electric Vehicle, Telecommunications, and other markets. In many locations, EdgeEnergy’s technology eliminates the need for three-phase power and allows for faster and lower cost installations, while providing enhanced infrastructure and customer profitability.

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Ben Morris

Business Development & Government Affairs

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