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30-150kW for Agriculture

Single-Phase / Three-Phase Solid State Conversion Technology

EdgeAG™ delivers up to 150 kW of three-phase from single-phase. With proprietary solid state technology you can eliminate the need for three-phase infrastructure. Create the power you need with existing single-phase infrastructure.


Electrify your operation without costly three-phase and eliminate diesel.


  • 150kW of capacity

  • Fast installation

  • Universal Compatibility

  • Modular and Redeployable

Young Farmer

Simplify Irrigation

Drive your pivot and pump with single-phase. With EdgeAG technology you can eliminate costly diesel generators and three-phase transformers as well as eliminate unreliable variable frequency drives and rotory converters. Drive your entire irrigation system with one power source.


The average cost of diesel to run a typical center pivot irrigation system can be as much at $25,000 per year. Electrifying these systems can save as much as 50% in operating costs.

Source: University of Nebraska - Lincoln / Progressive Farmer

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