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30-150kW for Telecom Infrastructure

Single-Phase / Three-Phase Solid State Conversion Technology

EdgeCOM™ delivers up to 150 kW of three-phase from single-phase. With proprietary solid state technology you can eliminate the need for three-phase infrastructure. Create the power you need with existing single-phase infrastructure.


Don't let the power grid slow you down. Deploy your critical three-phase infrastructure with single-phase.


  • 150kW of capacity

  • Fast installation

  • Universal Compatibility

  • Modular and Redeployable


e-Connectivity for everyone

Reliable and affordable high-speed internet
connectivity is fundamental for economic
activity throughout the U.S. Access to
high-speed internet is vital for a diverse set
of industries, including agricultural
production, manufacturing, mining, and
forestry and acts as a catalyst for rural
prosperity by enabling efficient, modern
communications between households, schools, and healthcare centers as well as markets and customers around the world.

Access forEveryone

22.3 percent of Americans in rural areas
and 27.7 percent of Americans in Tribal
lands lack coverage from fixed terrestrial
broadband, as compared to only 1.5
percent of Americans in urban areas.

Edge Energy technology delivers the power for infrastructure that changes lives and communities.

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