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Introducing the Edge Energy

Power Source

50kW-150kW Solid State Digital Phase Conversion
Three-Phase power from single-phase wherever you need it to be!


With Edge Energy™ you can build fast and reliable power infrastructure quickly without being limited by the electric grid. With Edge Energy™ digital technology you can install anything from CNC and fabrication equipment to HVAC and edge-of-grid computing application - all with existing single-phase. Eliminating the need for batteries, generators or costly and time consuming infrastructure upgrades.


Install your equipment up to 6X faster with little to no infrastructure upgrades and minimal permitting.
• No Three-Phase Needed
• No Batteries, No Generators
• Flexible Footprint
• Plug-n-Play Design
• Reduce Installation Costs
• Redeployable Asset


Edge Energy™ technology is designed to work with any application from a single piece of equipment to an entire facility.
• Single application or entire facility
• Continuous, real-time power conversion
• Up to 150kW

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