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NEVI Program

Lower Cost NEVI Sites Deployed Faster

Leverage existing single-phase infrastructure with EdgeEnergy technology.

The Power Grid Limits Deployments

Many regions across the U.S., including rural areas, lack ready access to three-phase power. Three-phase power is essential for install DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) that meet NEVI guidelines. The lack of sufficient power means that many states are left with "gaps" in their corridors and are left with the choice of cost prohibitive and time consuming infrastructure upgrades and line extentions that make it difficult to meet federal goals for deployment.

Single-Phase Power Is The Solution

Exclusive, patent-pending, Made In America technology from EdgeEnergy converts single-phase power into three-phase power without significant grid upgrades and offers 600 kW capacity to support NEVI compliant charging sites. Often at a lower cost and with reduced lead times.

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