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Don't let the power grid hold you back.


Build fast and reliable power infrastructure quickly without being limited by the electric grid.

With Edge Energy technology you can install critical infrastructure for telecommunication equipment, EV charging stations, or agriculture.


Create reliable three-phase from single-phase.


Install your project up to 6X faster with no infrastructure upgrades and minimal permitting. And with our modular design it can be quickly redeployed to new locations.



Reduce installation costs by avoiding electrical infrastructure upgrades. Industry leading efficiency means the lowest operating cost possible.


Compatible with any hardware or system Edge Energy Technology can deliver reliable three-phase from single-phase to power any equipment or facility.

Inside Construction Crane

Our Business


As an innovation driven infrastructure company, we are driven to create a more sustainable world by delivering solutions that empower communities. We Power Possibility™ by breaking down barriers and building connections. We are called to innovate and challenge what is possible.


Our values of Imagination, Service, Connection, Empowerment, and Excellence power us.

Edge Energy™ is committed to building innovative power solutions that challenge the possible and empower our customers to serve and connect communities.


Who we are


We are an infrastructure company focused on solving power infrastructure limitations in transportation, telecommunications, and agriculture.

Our proprietary technologies allow for the construction of EV Charging stations, factories, telecommunication infrastructure, and agricultural equipment that creates real value for our customers by removing the need for costly three-phase infrastructure upgrades.

By combining reliably built American made hardware with industry changing digital technology, we empower our customers to transform their business and help them transform their communities.

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